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By choosing me as your wedding photographer, you can be sure that your memories are captured in a professional and durable way. The photos will not only be

a beautiful souvenir, but also a valuable heritage that you will pass on to future generations.


During the wedding reportage, the most important thing for me is the stress-free atmosphere that I always create - so that my couples can feel at ease and forget about the camera. You don't have to be a model to look beautiful in photos. My tips will help you pose freely, and the effects will be captivating. You can find out about it by reading the opinions of my previous clients.


Cooperation with me is not only photos - I offer help in finding other wedding services, and I also offer advice on how to prepare for such an important day! In addition, in my offer you will also find pen drives, prints, albums or photobooks. My clients first receive photos in the form of an online gallery, which you can send to your friends immediately after receiving it - moreover, you decide which photos your guests will be able to see.


The offer for a wedding reportage varies depending on the year in which you are planning your wedding. That's why it's important that you write the date when your big day is to take place in a message to me! Below you will find the price range, but if you are interested in more details - below you will find the contact form.

Calendar 2023 and 2024 is open! NOTE - The offer for 2025 will be available from November 2023.

E-mail: sposati.photo@gmail.com

Wedding Photography Leszno, Poznań, Wrocław, whole Poland

Where am I?

Góra (Lower Silesia).


Where do I work?

Mostly Lower Silesia, Greater Poland

but I can reach any place on the world.

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"Photographs are a keepsake for years, so it's worth betting on people who put their whole heart into their work and that's how it is here.Cooperation with Paulina is pure pleasure, I hope that we will meet in the next joint projects!"






OLA & MICHAŁ - 11.09.2021

The photographer worked efficiently, ensuring our peace of mind, she knew what frames she wanted to obtain and willingly agreed to our proposals (I have the impression that she understood us without words). She let herself be drawn into the mountains for a wedding photoshoot and not only did she "tear" her equipment, but she also offered us help! Look for such photographers with a candle! (...) The photos themselves exceeded our wildest expectations. It will be a souvenir for our whole life, which immortalized emotions, beauty and wonderful moments in the frame. We wholeheartedly recommend her!




sesja, góry, góry sowie, sokolik

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Pricing from 1200€


Pricing from 900€ 


Pricing from 150€

I am the one who hides under the name Sposati Photography. I have always loved Italy, so it should come as no surprise that the name under which I am building my brand comes from Italian, meaning newlyweds.


Even though I graduated from law school, photography conquered my life. The camera has accompanied me from an early age, mainly thanks to my dad, but I never thought that I would take up photography full-time. My first models were my dogs, and cynology itself also occupies a large part of my life.


Has become! I love photography and thus my work, what more could you want from life?

In my work, I focus on professionalism and your freedom in front of my lens. What I most often hear from my couples after delivering the photos is the information that they felt at ease with me, as if in the presence of a good friend, and any uncertainty and shyness during the session was quickly forgotten.


I devote myself entirely to what I do! It gives me great satisfaction to think that thanks to my photos you will be able to keep your memories for a long time - you will probably show them to your children, grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren! That's why I love what I do so much. I believe that photography is the only way we know to travel in time.


I wouldn't be myself if I didn't change my place of residence from time to time, even for a moment, and thus, it's not a problem for me to get to even the most remote corners of the country... or even the world! I come from the Polish seaside, and I live in Lower Silesia in Poland ;)


If you would like to know more details about how I work, what I can offer you and whether we are on the same vibe, I encourage you to contact me, let's talk, let's get to know each other even better!


Wedding photography Leszno, Poznan, Wroclaw, all of Poland

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M a r y s i a  &  K u b a

P a u l a  &  Ł u k a s z

Fotografia ślubna Leszno

N i n a  &  S z y m o n

Fotografia ślubna Leszno

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Fotografia ślubna Leszno

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Fotografia ślubna Leszno

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Fotografia ślubna Leszno
Fotografia ślubna Leszno

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