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On a hot July day in Winny Dworek near Zielona Góra, Agata and Wiktor have said yes to each other.

The whole ceremony was full of emotions, joy and love, which was almost floating in the air.


The newlyweds looked beautiful and were surrounded by their family and friends who were fully devotedtheir happiness. All the guests were moved and delighted by the beautiful scenery where the wedding took place.I am enchanted with this place myself.


The ceremony took place among vineyards and green landscapes, which added even more charm to the whole event.

It was a day that will forever remain in the hearts of the newlyweds and their loved ones.


The theme of the wedding were travels, which are so close to the hearts of the newlyweds,
look how beautiful this stylization looked!

Agata  &  Wiktor

Z a p y t a j   o   o f e r t ę